HGST Ultrastar He6 6TB SAS SATA Hard Drives HGST Ultrastar He6 6TB SAS SATA Hard Drives

HGST Ultrastar He6 6TB SAS SATA Hard Drives

3.5-inch Helium Platform Enterprise Hard Drive

  • World’s first helium HDD – Patented HelioSeal™ technology enables this new building block for future growth
  • Industry’s first 6TB HDD – Innovative 7Stac™ disk design enables the world’s highest capacity
  • TCOptimized™ platform – Delivers higher capacity, lower power, cooler and quieter operation in a standard 3.5-inch form factor

Learn more about HelioSeal Technology

Data Sheet
Compability Guide
Helium Drives take Netflix Capacity and TCO to New Heights


Ultrastar He6 Overview

HGST delivers the world’s first hermetically sealed, helium hard drive, the Ultrastar® He6 for massive scale-out environments. Why does helium make a difference? Helium has only one-seventh the density of air. Replacing air with helium inside a hard drive dramatically reduces the turbulence caused by the spinning disk, cuts power consumption and results in a lower temperature within the disk drive.

The reduction in turbulence for the spinning disk allows HGST to offer a seven-disk design in a traditional 3.5-inch form factor. In addition to being the world’s first helium-filled hard drive, HGST Ultrastar He6 is also the first hard drive in the industry to offer a 6-terabyte capacity. This design delivers a 50% capacity gain and still reduces the energy needed to run the drive by up to 23%.


Ultrastar He6 Specification

Model # / Part #
  • HUS726060ALS640 / 0F18370
  • HUS726060ALS641 / 0F20577
  • HUS726060ALA640 / 0F18335
  • HUS726060ALA641 / 0F20572
Interface SAS 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s
Capacity (GB) 6TB 6TB
Sector size (variable, Bytes/sector) 512 / 520 / 528 512n
Max Areal Density (Gbits/sq. in.) 544 544
Form Factor 3.5-inch HDD 3.5-inch HDD


Data Buffer (MB) 64 64
Rotational Speed (RPM) 7200 7200
Interface transfer rate (MB/sec, max) 600 600
Sustained transfer rate (MB/sec, typ.) 177 177
Seek Time (read, ms, typical) 8.5 8.5


Error Rate (non-recoverable, bits read) 1 in 10^15 1 in 10^15
MTBF (M hours) 2.5 2.5
Annual Failure Rate (AFR) 0.35% 0.35%
Load/Unload Cycles 600,000 600,000
Reliability - Warranty (yrs) 5 5


Idle (Bels) 2.0 2.0


Requirement +5 VDC (+/-5%), +12VDC (+/-5%) +5 VDC (+/-5%), +12VDC (+/-5%)
Startup current (A, max) 1.2 (+5V), 2.0 (+12V) 1.2 (+5V), 2.0 (+12V)
Read/Write (W, avg) 8.8 7.0
Active Idle (W, avg) 5.5 5.0
Idle (W) 4.1 3.7

Physical size

Z-Height (mm) 26.1 26.1
Dimensions (width x depth, mm) 101.6(+/-0.25)x147 101.6(+/-0.25)x147
Weight (g, max) 650 650

Environmental (operating)

Ambient temperature 5º to 60º C 5º to 60º C
Shock (half-sine wave) 70 70
Vibration (5 to 500 Hz) 0.67 (XYZ) 0.67 (XYZ)

Environmental (non-operating)

Ambient temperature -40º to 70º C -40º to 70º C
Shock (half-sine wave) 300 300
Vibration (5 to 500 Hz) 1.04 (XYZ) 1.04 (XYZ)


P/N Selector

He6 512n Format
6TB -- 0F18335
6TB 0F18370
-- 0F20577
  • ISE = Instant Secure Erase
  • SE = Secure Erase
  • BDE or TCG Encryption
  • TCG FIPS = Encryption w/FIPS
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