Seagate's new SMR Technology to Increases HDD Capacity by 25%
Shingled Magnetic Recording Technology

Increases Capacity
by 25%
Seagate Is Technology Leader with Shingled Magnetic Recording
Seagate is again driving technological advancement in storage with Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) � an innovative wayy to increase capacity by 25% in hard disk drives. By maximizing the number of tracks per inch on a single disk, we can meet the increased demand for higher capacity. And as SMR continues to evolve, it may be used in conjunction with other emerging technologies to further the areal density of future products.
Delivering the Lowest Cost per GB with the World’s First SMR Drive
Seagate expects to introduce the world’s first 5TB Desktop SMR drive in mid-2014. With SMR, Seagate is able to leverage our existing drive architecture to build a hard drive with 1.25TB per disk for the lowest cost per GB available in the market.
Read more about Seagate’s SMR technology and how it will increase capacity in the next generation of Seagate hard drives.


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This article was published on Friday 20 September, 2013.
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