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LSI Logic (Symbios) LSI8751D Ultra Wide (HVD) SCSI Card

  • $99.00

LSI Logic LSI8751D


LSI8751D is single-channel Ultra High-Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI

The LSI8751D, 32-bit PCI, single-channel High Voltage Differential (HVD) Ultra SCSI HBA enables cable lengths of up to 25m (82 ft) and is ideal for connecting new or existing servers and workstations to HVD peripherals including storage enclosures and tape libraries. This highly reliable card is supported with device drivers for all major operating systems. Powerful SCSI Device Management System (SDMS) software, on-board BIOS and simple configuration utility make installation easy and virtually automatic. LSI Logic is a key contributor to the standards bodies that defined todays SCSI and PCI standards assuring users the highest level of quality and compatibility.

  • Synchronous:
        Up to 40 MBps Ultra SCSI
        Up to 20 MBps Fast SCSI
  • Asynchronous: up to 14 MBps
  • Direct (bus master) memory access for low overhead with 32-bit burst data transfers at 133-MBps PCI data transfer rates
  • Zero wait state PCI transfers
  • Up to 64-bit PCI burst size to maximize the PCI data transfer rate
  • PCI 2.1 compliant
  • PCI extended access cycles
  • 32-bit, 33-MHz PCI bus
  • Functions as full 32-bit PCI DMA bus master
  • Operates on 3.3V or 5V PCI buses

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