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StorageTekpro 00E7600 L38552 2.5-In Hotswap Tray for Lenovo X3650 M5, X3550 M5, X3250 M5, X3100 M5

  • $9.95

StorageTekPro 00E7600 L38552 2.5-Inch SFF Drive Tray Caddy for IBM/Lenovo X3650 M5, X3550 M5, X3250 M5, X3100 M5, X3850 X6

Warning ! This is a 2.5" drive caddy. If your server has 3.5" hotswap drive bays, this is a wrong caddy for you.

P/N: 00E7600 L38552

Mounting screws included

It is compatible with all IBM/Lenovo M5 generation servers with 2.5" hotswap drive bays.*

  • X3850 X6
  • X3950 X6
  • X3100 M5
  • X3250 M5
  • X3550 M5
  • X3650 M5

*List is by no means complete. Please check pictures of tray to see if it is what you have.

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