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HP SFF-8087 MiniSAS to MiniSAS Backplane cable 32-in. For Dell H700 H710, HP P812 P410, LSI 9260-8i…

  • $8.00

Foxconn / HP MiniSAS to MiniSAS Backplane cable. 32in.

Length: ~32 inch including connectors (~30in not including connectors)

Host / Controller Card: SFF-8087 Mini SAS connector

Target / Backplane: SFF-8087 MiniSAS connector

Compatible with cards such as Dell Perc H700, H710, H200, H310, LSI Megaraid 9260-8i, 9260-4i, 9211-4i, 9211-8i, HP P812, P212,  HP P410 that uses SFF-8087 Mini-SAS connector.


This HP SAS cable features two 36-pin SFF-8087 connnectors. It is 33-inch long. This HP SAS cable has two part numbers: one PN is 493228-006. The other one is HP's spare PN: 498426-001.

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