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Adaptec SAS 48300 PCI-X 8-Ports Internal/External SAS RAID controller Card

  • $109.00

Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 48300

High-performance storage connectivity and data protection for servers and workstations

High-performance storage connectivity and data protection for servers and workstations



Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is the enterprise storage interface that takes SCSI into new dimensions of performance, flexibility and scalability. With SAS you can enjoy performance many times faster than traditional SCSI and mix and match SAS and Serial ATA (SATA) drives for cost and performance optimization.

The Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 48300 card is an eight-port controller featuring Adaptec HostRAID™- an integrated RAID technology that maximizes system performance and uptime. The Adaptec 48300 supports up to eight direct attached drives and up to 128 drives using expander technology. The card offers RAID levels 0, 1, and 10 as well as 48-bit LBA support for the use of disk drives exceeding 137GB in capacity. The Adaptec 48300 supports Windows® 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Linux.


* Eight ports support up to eight devices
* Supports both Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA hard disk drives
* PCI-X 64 bit/133 MHz host interface
* RAID 0, 1, and 10
* 48-bit LBA support
* Low-profile form factor
* Bootable array support

Technical Specification


Customer Needs
  Ideal for supporting mid- to low-end server and workstation environments where high performance data storage and reliable data protection are critical, such as IT backup, web content, email, share drive and database support.
System Environment
  Departmental and workgroup servers
  Low-cost, Serial Attached SCSI controller featuring Adaptec HostRAID™ for high performance, mission critical data storage
Data Transfer Rate
  Up to 3 Gb/s
External Connectors
  One x 4 Infiniband/Serial Attached SCSI (SFF8470)
Internal Connectors
  One 32 pin x 4 Serial Attached SCSI (SFF8484)
Bus Type
  PCI-X 64 bit/133 MHz, PCI 33/66
System Requirements
  IA-32, AMD-32, EM64T and AMD-64 type servers
3.3V 32/64-bit PCI 2.2 or 3.3V 64-bit PCI-X 133 slot
RAID levels
  Adaptec HostRAID 0, 1, and 10
Key RAID Features
  • Bootable array support
  • Auto-rebuild by location
  • Managed through Adaptec Storage Manager software
  • Background initialization
Board Dimensions
  2.5in H x 7.0in L (including external connector)
6.35cm H x 17.78cm L (including external connector)
Operating Temperature
  0° to 50° C
Power Dissipation
  4 W


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