LSI 9211-8i P20 IT Mode for ZFS FreeNAS unRAID Dell H200 H310 6Gbps SAS HBA

  • $69.00

Please select the Original or OEM version of the LSI 9211-8i you are interested.

These SAS controller cards are flashed to IT Mode for use with ZFS. They have been flashed / cross-flashed to Avago / LSI 9211-8i IT (Initiator Target) firmware version P20 and LSI bios so that it is easier to access the controller's ROM without booting an OS.

  1. LSI Avago IT mode. version P20 (
  2. MPTSAS2 BIOS ROM version
  3. Original SAS address preserved

These are based on the LSI SAS2008 SAS controller chipset and support PCI-E 2.0 specifications with x8 lanes. The controller has 2x SFF-8087 connectors for a total of 8-port. You will need a compatible cable to connect these to your hard drives or a backplane. See here for internal minisas cables.

These cards were known to run on storage server running ZFS on Linux (ZoL), but setup is also ideal for other ZFS setups, FreeNAS, unRAID, Proxmox VE, etc.

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