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LSI00117 LSI SAS 3080X-R Int. 8-Port SFF-8484 PCI-X 3Gb/s SAS Card. RAID 0,1,1E or 10E. Kit w/Cable

  • $311.00


PCI-X, 3 Gb/s, SAS, 8-port Host Bus Adapter

OS Support Package Contents


The LSI SAS3080X-R card provides the greatest available throughput to internal server storage arrays through eight internal 3 Gb/s ports, driving up to 122 SAS and SATA devices. The host bus adapter supports multiple configurations of SAS and SATA devices running RAID 0, 1, 1E or 10E by connecting a 64-bit PCI-X 133 MHz bus with two internal x4 SFF-8484 SAS connectors. The SAS3080X-R demonstrates a significant advantage over parallel SCSI in providing 2400 MB/s external data throughput and cost optimization of SAS and SATA drives.


  • 3 Gb/s per port
  • (2) x4 internal SFF-8484 connectors
  • Low-profile MD2 form factor PCI card
  • 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X
  • Connects to both SAS and SATA HDDs and tape drives
  • Allows more than 122 total end-point devices
  • Fusion-MPT? architecture Integrated RAID 0, 1, 1E and 10E
  • Supports all major operating systems


  • Greatest internal throughput from (2) wide 4-PHY SAS connectors
  • Ultimate SAS/SATA flexibility from (8) internal ports
  • 3 Gb/s per port delivers 2400 MB/s to enclosures
  • Superior performance and data protection with Integrated RAID 0, 1, 1E and 10E

Operating System Supported

OS Readme
SLES10 readme.txt

SLES 10 Kernel Driver.

Windows Server 2003 (64 bit) readme.txt
Windows 2003 (StorPort 64-Bit) readme.txt


Windows XP readme.txt


Windows XP (StorPort 64-Bit) readme.txt


Windows 2000, Windows 2003 (StorPort 32-Bit) readme.txt MID1219021
Solaris SPARC readme.txt
UnixWare 7.x readme.txt

Driver support for Unixware 7 and OpenServer 6.

Solaris SPARC readme.txt
Solaris x86 readme.txt

Includes 32 and 64-bit drivers for Solaris 10.

Linux readme.txt

2.4 Kernel Driver.

Linux readme.txt 2.6 Kernel Driver
Windows Server 2003 (64 bit) readme.txt
Windows Server 2003 (64 bit) readme.txt
Windows Server 2003 (32 bit) readme.txt
Windows XP (StorPort 64-Bit) readme.txt
Windows 2000 readme.txt
Windows XP readme.txt

64-bit symmpi driver.

Windows XP readme.txt

32-bit symmpi driver.

Products and Ordering Part Numbers

  • LSI LSISAS3080X-R KIT - PCI-X, 3 Gb/s, 8-port, SAS
    • Individually packaged box with LSISAS3080X-R HBA, CD containing drivers, two internal cables for connecting to (8) SAS hard disk drives (SFF-8484 to SFF-8482), low-profile bracket, and quick installation guide
    • Part Number: LSI00117
  • LSI LSISAS3080X-R BULK - PCI-X, 3 Gb/s, 8-port, SAS
    • Bulk pack containing LSISAS3080X-R HBA

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