LSI00288 / Recovery SW & Key image

LSI00288 /Recovery SW &Key LSI MegaRAID Recovery Software Pack Physical Key for LSIS9265/9285 series

  • $139.00


  • Uses snapshots to enable rapid file and volume-level data recovery capabilities
  • Inexpensive disaster recovery software for Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses
  • Captures snapshots of source volume data at designated points in time to help restore data from those points should accidental or malicious data loss or corruption occur


  • Provides IT organizations with new levels of data protection and improved business continuity
  • Rapid recovery of lost data from disk can occur within minutes, helping to minimize the downtime experienced by users and eliminating the lengthy process of restoring data from tape
  • Satisfies need for more frequent restore points and reduced recovery times



LSI? MegaRAID? Recovery Software


Supported Operating Systems

Windows 2003
Windows 2008
Software License Ordering PN

LSI00267 - Compatible with all 6Gb/s MegaRAID SATA+SAS products
(with the exception of 9240 series)
Physical Key Ordering PN

LSI00246 - Compatible products include 9260-4i, 9260-8i, 9280-4i4e, 9260-16i, 9280-16i4e, 9280-24i4e
LSI00288 - Compatible products include with 9265-8i, 9285-8e,9266(-4i,-8i),9270-8i,9271(-4i,-8i,-8iCC),9285(-8e, CV-8e),9286(-8e, CV-8e, CV-8eCC)
PITs-per-volume /Controller


8 / 504


Read / Write Volume Support


Microsoft VSS Provider Support


Snapshot of Boot Volume


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