LSI 9212-4i image

HP / LSI 9212-4i 4-Port SAS 6Gb/s Controller Card with Integrated RAID support

  • $109.00

The LSI 9212-4i adapter provides high performance data transfer rates for mission-critical applications running from SAS drives. The
second generation SAS adapter allows for 256 SAS end-point devices and integrates the latest enhancements in PCI Express and SAS
The adapter supports medium to large capacity internal workstation storage applications by connecting a 5GT/s, 8-lane PCI Express
bus with four x1 SATA internal connectors. The adapter supports PCIe 2.0 and is backward compatible with existing products with
PCIe 1.0 interface. New enhancements include End-to-End CRC (ECRC) with Advanced Error Reporting (AER), power management,
hot plug support, and MSI/MSI-X and legacy interrupt generation.
The four-port controller provides SAS data transfer rates of 1.5, 3, and 6Gb/s per lane and automatically negotiates between the
speeds. Enhanced features include T-10 Protection Information Model for early detection of and recovery from data corruption, and
Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) for EMI reduction.
SP# 689576-001

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