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Dell N5P53 0N5P53 SFF-8087 Right Angle MiniSAS Backplane Cable. 18-inches. For Dell PE T620…

  • $15.99

Dell N5P53 0N5P53 SFF-8087 MiniSAS Backplane Cable. Originally for Dell PowerEdge T620, but can used with any SAS controller and backplane using the SFF-8087 Internal miniSAS connector. Example of compatible SAS RAID controller: Dell Perc H310, H700, H710, LSI 9211-4i, 9211-8i, 9260-4i, 9260-8i ...


Length: ~18 inches

Connectors Orientation: See picture.




Dell N5P53 POWEREDGE T620 Sas-a to Bp-a Perc8 18 Cable

Dell N5P53 Poweredge T620 12-Port H310 / H710 / H710P SAS A & B Cable

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