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Dell PERC H830 12Gb/s SAS 8-Port External PowerEdge RAID Card. Low Profile Bracket.

  • $449.00

Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller H830

Eight-port external 12Gbps SAS solution for performance-hungry external storage environments supporting up to 255 SAS hard-disk or solid-state drives.

Eight external ports

• 72-bit DDR3 interface drives

2GB non-volatile cache memory

Unsurpassed performance and enterprise-class reliability


As storage demands expand and processing loads

grow, it becomes increasingly more difficult for

administrators to achieve maximum performance from

their applications. The newest line of Dell PowerEdge

RAID Controller cards, built on the LSI SAS 3108 dual-core PowerPC

RAID-on-Chip (ROC), offers unmatched I/O performance for database applications and streaming digital media environments.

The PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) H830, with

eight external ports, delivers two PowerPC processor

cores and a 72-bit DDR3 interface that drives 2GB

cache memory. This controller is ideal for configuring

external storage enclosures with high-performance

SAS hard drives and application-accelerating solid state

drives. The PERC H830 exploits the potential of 12Gbps

SAS SSDs for unsurpassed performance and enterprise-

class reliability.


Enterprise data protection

Standard support for the most popular RAID levels,

including RAID 5, RAID 6 and NV Cache, further

strengthen the data protection capabilities of the PERC

H830. NV Cache technology allows protection of the

cache for a nearly unlimited period of time. The H830

also supports non-RAID mode (pass-through) for

applications that manage the storage independently.


Sophisticated DAS topologies

The PERC H830 can easily be connected and deployed

within new 12Gbps SAS switch environments to

further simplify direct attached storage (DAS) scale

management and reduce single point of failures

common in expanded DAS environments. The

PERC H830 is unique in that it offers higher levels of

connectivity, simplified management and features and

benefits typically available only in higher-end storage

network configurations. 

Intuitive RAID management

Managing the PERC H830 is easy using the

integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)

with Lifecycle Controller. Without having to deploy

an agent, IT admins can configure, deploy, update,

and monitor the PERC H830, via the GUI or through

Dell’s CLI known as RACADM. Additionally, Dell’s

one-to-many OpenManage Essentials console

allows a user to perform storage operations across

multiple servers, including RAID controllers as well

as the physical disks in the PowerEdge system and

external enclosures.

Benefits include:

  • iDRAC automatically creates and executes jobs
    for each storage configuration operation
  • Customer can reboot the host OS automatically
    or schedule reboot for a later date.
  • PERC H830 supports real-time RAID monitoring
    and hardware inventory

iDRAC incorporates Dell OpenManage Storage Services

(OMSS) which provides the tools to efficiently manage

PERC products, including a pre-boot setup utility and

a full spectrum of online RAID management utilities.

This suite of applications allows administrators to adjust

SAS or SATA topology views from the system host

down to the logical and physical drive level. Extending

to enterprise deployments, these tools can scale to

easily configure, monitor and manage RAID and JBOD

volumes locally or over the LAN network.


See here for full Dell Perc H830 specification

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