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Dell T3F4V 0T3F4V 018XYD MiniSAS to Dual SAS Drives cable. SATA Power. For H700, H710, H310, 9211-8i etc

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Note: Limit 2 per customer. If you buy the SAS cards, then limit 2 per card purchased (ie, if you buy 2 cards, then you can buy upto 4 of these). Shipping charge applies if you only ordering this cable. Extra cable order will be refunded.  

Dell T3F4V 0T3F4V MiniSAS to Dual SAS Drives cable. SFF-8087 to (2) SFF-8482. SATA Power.

Model#: 0T3F4V or 018XYD

Host: SFF-8087 Internal miniSAS

Target: 2 x SFF-8482 SAS SATA Drive connectors

Power: Standard 15-pin SATA

Length: ~15-18"

Note: Works with both SAS and SATA drive when using with SAS controller.

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